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Heavy Duty Full Automatic Washing Extracting Machine

Release time:2017-11-08 10:33  

Heavy Duty Full Automatic Washing Extracting Machine

Most advanced design in the industry, stable running, long service life and convenient maintenance

Product Advantages:
1. It is designed according to international standard.
2. The new generation separated type shaft seat system thoroughly solves water leakage issue and guarantees the normal service life of the equipment.
3. Variable rigidity spring and hydraulic damper suspension structure can absorb vibration by 99.9% and anti-eccentric load ability is as high as 45%. It offers great stability and decrease the abrasion between parts.
4. Shaft system is easy to maintain.
5. Touch type LCD computer control panel allows easy operation of the machine. To assure uninterrupted production, a spare computer control system is provided.
6. No corrosion drain valve prevents connecting rod from sinking into water in order to assure the service life of cylinder sealers.
7. Full automatic detergent feeding system, with feeding quantity being adjustable.

Washer Extractor Specification Table

Rated Washing Capacity(kg)40kg50kg60kg
Motor Power(kw)45.55.5
Converter Power(kw)
Cold and Hot Water Connection Size(mm)D40D40D40
Steam Connection Size(mm)D25D25D25
Outside Dimensions(mm)1510x1500x20001510x1670x20001680x1650x2000
Machine Weight(kg)220025003500
Rated Washing Capacity(kg)100kg130kg150kg
Motor Power(kw)7.51115
Converter Power(kw)111518.5
Cold and Hot Water Connection Size(mm)D50D50D50
Steam Connection Size(mm)D25D25D25
Outside Dimensions(mm)1800x2100x20001800x2130x21001840x2300x2200
Machine Weight(kg)480051006800