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We are a professional manufacturer of laundry equipment...

Release time:2017-11-08 10:41  

We are a professional manufacturer of textile oriented industrial laundry equipment based in Shanghai, China. 

High Cost Efficiency Is Our Advantage
We mainly manufacture and export:
1. Industrial Washing Extracting Machine (16kg-200kg) with G force up to 576G, saving a lot of costs for end users
2. Industrial Dryer (10kg-200kg)  with unique U type wind channel saving energy by 50% than normal type
3. Flatwork Feeding Machine( 3m-3.3m) high reliability and excellent performance
4. Flatwork Double Side Smoothing & Ironing Machine(3m-3.3m) 5 roll drums available, roll drum diameter 800mm, thickness 4mm
5. Flatwork Folding Machine(3m-3.3m) 5 pneumatic knife, excellent performance
Our buying points
High Speed, High Efficiency, Energy Saving, Time Saving, Labor Saving, Automatic, Long life, High Reliability.

We sincerely wish to cooperate with you.